How can I assign a claim to Florida Claims?
We have several convenient and easy ways to assign us a claim:

  • Telephone us at (352) 351-1551
  • Fill out our quick and easy online Assignment Form
  • Send us mail to Florida Claims, P.O. Box 2382, Ocala, FL 34478-2382

How soon is my claim assigned to an adjuster?
We immediately assign an adjuster to your claim.  Through our secure, online, password-protected area, you will be able to login and get your adjuster's name and the file number assigned to your claim. (Coming soon!)

How soon do you contact the insured and/or claimant?
We will always make contact the same day the claim is received.  Even if the adjuster assigned is not in the office when he is assigned the claim, our claim assistants will make contact.  They will provide the insured and/or claimant with the adjuster's name and our office phone number.  They will also give them an approximate time the adjuster will be calling to set an appointment. This ensures you that they know their claim is important to you and is being handled promptly.

How can I check the status of the claim I assigned to you?
We have designed several convenient and easy ways for you to check a status:

  • Login to our secure password-protected area (Coming soon!)
  • Email us at info@floridaclaims.com
  • Fax us at (352) 351-2612
  • Mail inquiries to Florida Claims, P.O. Box 2382, Ocala, FL 34478-2382
  • And we always welcome a phone call at (352) 351-1551

How do I know that you will handle my claim within my company's guidelines?
On our network, we have designed company file folders with your guidelines available to all of our adjusters.  Any time we receive changes or notations in reference to these guidelines, they are updated on our network.  If you are assigning a claim to us for the first time, please be sure to include your company guidelines.

What about after hours and weekends?
We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   After hours, our phones are maintained by a voice operated paging system, putting you directly in touch with an adjuster.  All of our adjusters have a statewide pager and a mobile cell phone with them at all times.  These numbers can be given to your dispatch units for direct and immediate contact.  We are available for immediate accident scene investigation for trucking/cargo claims.  This can also include background investigations.

Does this include property and catastrophe losses?
Yes.  We provide immediate response to property and catastrophe losses.  We maintain support services to assist with any emergency property loss, such as water or wind related losses. We are currently developing a resource page for our clients to use in regards to support services (coming soon).

Do you do damage appraising for autos, heavy trucks, etc...?
Yes.  We use ADP computerized online estimating.   These appraisals include autos, trucks and trailers, as well as specialties such as fire trucks, cranes, constructions and farm equipment, boats, motorcycles and antique cars.  Please contact our office for rates and/or contract prices.

We will be adding questions and answers to our FAQ periodically.  If you should happen to have a question we have not answered, please email us at info@floridaclaims.com.



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