New online technology speeds up claims assignment process

Weathers Adjustment Company, Inc. is proud to announce our new division, Florida Claims.  We have been in business as an independent adjustment corporation since 1984.  With technology changing as fast as it is, we felt it necessary to open this new division as a fresh new approach in the claims industry.   Our federal tax identification number will remain the same.

Recently, we attended an annual meeting of insurance company professionals.  A professional consultant was hired to conduct a survey on the importance of the Internet and claims handling.  The survey indicated a very positive level of interest on the part of the respondents to Internet applications and online claims handling.  It also indicated that the outside vendors (adjusters) had not kept pace with the high level of interest, meaning insurance companies want to use the Internet more, but their outside independent adjusters are not able to provide the service they are looking for.  Until now.  In answer to the emerging needs of insurance company professionals, we proudly present FloridaClaims.com.

We had already recently purchased and implemented a new Dell network for our corporation.  Along with this upgrade, we now offer digital imaging, scanning capabilities, online status requests (coming soon!), and much more.   We know that this type of claims handling service will help reduce administrative effort, delays and expenses for the insurance companies.

The standards that had been set by other larger and smaller claims services were evident to us when we were able to obtain the domain name of FloridaClaims.com.  And we're dedicated to making assigning claims in the state of Florida easier than ever before.  The insurance companies have not been getting the efficient service they deserve; therefore, we have made a bold step forward to be one of the first independent insurance adjustment corporations to offer this high degree of technical service for faster, easier claims processing.

If you are not already using our services at Florida Claims, we encourage you to also make a bold but secure step forward to more efficient claims handling for your company.  We are already seeing the rewarding benefits.

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Florida Claims is proud to offer this claims tracking service as a secure and easy online convenience to our clients.  Please see our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information about how we process claims.  The FAQ provides sections for insurance company professionals to help you learn more about our Company's outstanding service.  We hope you find that it will reduce administrative effort, delays and expenses in the claims process.



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